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– makeup tips –

Natural, professional makeup tips for at-home

Get makeup artist-quality tips right here and on the blog! When you learn tips and tricks from professional make-up artists and apply them at home, you’ll feel more confident, beautiful, and ready to conquer every single day.

– from lauryn marie

Welcome to my very best makeup tips for at home and on the go!

– from lauryn marie

Ace your look with the help of my top tips for a natural, clean, modern and trendy look.

– lauryn marie –

Top 10 Makeup Tips

1. For a more radiant look, add a drop of primer oil or coconut oil and add it to a matte full-coverage concealer. It’s easier to blend and won’t fuss with your coverage.

2. Tame your brows the easy way by spraying hairspray on a clean mascara wand, brushing your brows up and then into the desired shape.

3. For more glow, wet your brush before applying highlighter.

4. Use a professional tool when applying primer as it can cause micro exfoliation, which can cause clumping of the primer product.

5. If you’re doing a full face look, but are choosing to keep your eyelids bare, use some of your matte bronzer on the eyelid crease and lower lash line. It’ll help you create bigger, brighter eyes.

6. If you have fine lines around your eyes or eyelids, using a matte eyeshadow or powder will help keep your lines from looking more defined.

7. Be sure to prime your eyelids and allow them to dry before applying eyeshadow.

8. Before you apply a matte liquid lipstick, you may want to consider exfoliating and priming your lips with a serum. This helps your lips from having a more chapped health and look.

9. If by chance you get mascara anywhere around your eye, let it dry first. After about five minutes. take a Q-tip and flake it away. It won’t smudge and then you won’t be rubbing delicate skin around the eyes.

10. Just starting out with contouring? Try putting the contour color on a brush or sponge first. Drawing it on your face like lines will make things harder to blend.

Get makeup tips!

Airbrushing · Contouring · Recommended Products · & Unique Offers

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