The minimum to book a date with me is five (5) applications. There are times where I am willing to make an exception, please inquire to discuss.

Q: Do You Have a Minimum to Book?

Yes, once I've received the required non-refundable retainer, I will write a contract which must be signed and returned to secure a date.

Q: do i need to SIGN a contract?

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I work independently and do not have a team of artists. All work on my website, social media and Google page are my own. I often work with groups of 8-10, with a maximum of 14. If you have a large group/small window of time I can sometimes source another artist for a fee of $200/artist. Anyone working with me is working under their own name and should be given individual credit for any work rendered.

Q: Do You Have a Team?

Previews are a time for you and I. I understand the urge to want to have someone come with you, but I require that only clients receiving services attend appointments. I also work out of an in-home studio and do not have a lobby/waiting area for guests.

Q: Can I Bring Someone with me?

Yes, this is required and is extremely important. It gives us a chance to meet, discuss your style, and try out your vision.

Q: Do I need to do a Preview/Trial?

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Anyone who would like one! I have had Moms, Bridesmaids, even Officiants get them. Pricing for anyone wanting a Preview is the same cost as the Bride. 

Q: Who Can Receive a Preview/Trial?

Yes! The more chances I get to do your makeup, the better it will get each time as I become more familiar with your facial features and how you prefer to enhance them. 

Q: Can I do more than one preview/trial?

I typically suggest 1-3 months from your actual wedding date to to ensure you have time to properly test out your makeup look. 

Q: When Should I Do My Preview/trial?

Typically between 60-90 minutes, however I allot 2 hours for all appointments. There is a lot of discussion before and after we complete your look!

Q: How Long Do Previews/Trials Take?

Ideally, the number that is on your contract is what I will expect on the wedding day. I am flexible on this as long as the minimum is met. I am always willing to accommodate add-ons as long as time permits.

Q: When do you need to know the number of services by?

I need at least 30-35 minutes per bridal party/mom and 45-60 with the Bride. 45 min/person is the most ideal.

Q: how much time to do you need?

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Payment must be made in full prior to wedding day unless paying by cash. This includes any parking/travel fees. Credit/debit cards are NOT accepted.

Q: When do I pay you?

Gratuity is always appreciated but never expected, and it is not included in my service costs.

Q: Is Gratuity included in your pricing?


your special day might be someone else's, too! 

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